Read for Kids project

     The D.A.W.G youth ministry group collected and donated 200 books to ship to Afghanistan for the "Read for Kids" project.  We thank each of the kids that helped with this service project and we thank the congregation members who contributed books.  Between your contributions and those of the kids who attend D.A.W.G., the service members, their families and children in Afghanistan will benefit from the generosity of everyone.

      A special thank you to Thrivent for their part in this project.  Thrivent covered the expense of mailing our six boxes of books to Afghanistan.  We appreciate their support.

      If you see one of the D.A.W.G. kids, please tell them how important they are in God's work.  They always come through on our service projects, no matter what we ask of them.  They are a great bunch of kids and their parents should be extremely proud of them!  We thank God that the parents share them with us each month!


Posted December 14, 2008